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"Youth classics is an amazing project – it breaks down the barriers between different age groups that are otherwise held in place by formal music education institutions. We often talk about learning from older and more experienced people, but rarely we realize how much our interactions with younger people shape our understanding of our own past (musical) development; only after understanding our past can we truly shape our future path and this is precisely what I experienced in the exhilarating ten days past July."


Izak Hudnik, Participant SIMA 2018 and

Soloist at the concert of PreCollege Orchestra

International music academy

July 10th - 19th, 2020 -

Musikinsel Rheinau Switzerland

Dear friends of the SIMA


The 11th "Swiss International Music Academy" is being postponed due to Coronavirus pandemic and will take place from July 16th to July 25th, 2021 on the „Musikinsel Rheinau“.


It was a very difficult but necessary decision, since it is uncertain today whether all the members of the faculty and all the participants will be able to travel to the Musikinsel in July or whether all the SIMA concerts can take place or not.


The board of YOUTH CLASSICS expects that hygiene and travel restrictions are being maintained in Switzerland, and we must not accept the risk of infection. Although the SIMA would take place in July, there is also a risk that the event will have to be cancelled shortly before.


Not least, “social distancing” also is the opposite of everything that makes SIMA so popular and successful: Learning from each other, musical exchange, making music together, full concert halls, cultivating friendships and making new friends.


We are overwhelmed by the numerous applications for the SIMA despite the global crisis and are of course sad that we all have to wait a little longer until we meet on the Musikinsel Rheinau.

The health of everyone who works for the SIMA as well as the participants and, of course, our valued audience is our highest priority.


Now we are looking forward to the 11th SIMA in July 2021.


All participants who have already registered will be contacted in the next few days for a refund of the registration fee.


Best wishes for your health and.... see you soon!


Sincerely yours,

Philip A. Draganov

President of YOUTH CLASSICS and artistic director SIMA

PreCollege Orchestra and participants of SIMA 2019 - concert September 14, 2019

SIMA Participants as prize winners


Two participants of the 10th Swiss International Music Academy, Maya Wichert and Raphael Nussbaumer, won 1st and 2nd prize at the prestigious 9th International Louis Spohr Competition for young violinists in Weimar. Congratulations for this great success!

Maya Wichert from Germany, student of Ana Chumachenco,

1st prize

Raphael Nussbaumer from Switzerland, student of Philip A. Draganov, 2nd prize

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